Frequently Asked Questions
MechWarriorLeagues (or MWL) is a gaming league dedicated to the game of Mechwarrior 4. MWL is run for Mechwarriors by Mechwarriors. This league gives players the ability to play Mechwarrior 4 matches in a regulated gaming environment, either as individuals or in units.
Q: Is MWL making a comeback?
A: With the possible release of the MP4 update, Discussions among the senior staff and other needed personnel are ongoing about a MWL relaunch. Nothing is definitve at this point in time.
Q: If the MP4 update is released, then what?
A: If and when the MP4 update is released, a significant daily online player base would need to be seen to justify the time, money and other resources needed to relaunch MWL.
Q: How do I keep up to date about the current status of MWL?
A: Keep checking back  here, this Q & A box will be updated as new information becomes available.
Q: Where can I download a current version of MechWarrior 4 Mercenaries MP 3.1 v.0030c (most current version)?
A: Our downloads page has the link to download the most current version.
Q: What ports are needed to play the game?
A: DirectX game ports TCP and UDP 2300 to 2400 need to be forwarded to your game PC to be able to play MW4.
Q: What if I can not forward ports?
A: You can download Radmin VPN software that will create a LAN connection to the servers. Instructions to do that are HERE.