MechWarriorLeagues (or MWL) is a gaming league dedicated to the game of Mechwarrior 4. MWL is run for Mechwarriors by Mechwarriors. This league gives players the ability to play Mechwarrior 4 matches in a regulated gaming environment, either as individuals or in units.
Setting up MechWarrior 4 to play on Radmin VPN to bypass port forwarding
1. Download Radmin VPN from
2. Install Radmin VPN.
3. Click the Online button, then -> Network -> Join Existing Network.
4. Click on the Gaming Network tab and search for "mech", you will see MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries show up, select that and then click Join.
5. Minimize Radmin and start your game, in the mutiplayer connection settings create a new connection like below for LAN, you can change your connection speed.
Note: When creating this connection, connection must be set to LAN, MekMatch must be unchecked and Local Area Network [LAN] must be checked.
Double click to edit
If no servers show up in the game lobby, you may need to log into your router and disable UPNP (Universal Plug and Play).
To change how your name appears in Radmin, click on the round power button to go online, then click on System, then click on Change Name. Enter your name how you want it to appear in the listing.