MechWarriorLeagues (or MWL) is a gaming league dedicated to the game of Mechwarrior 4. MWL is run for Mechwarriors by Mechwarriors. This league gives players the ability to play Mechwarrior 4 matches in a regulated gaming environment, either as individuals or in units.
Home Complete game download with HI-Def patch and most maps made for the game. ( 5.7 GB )
DXPort DXport allows multiple computers behind a router to connect to Internet games that use the DirectX
MW4 Map Downloads Link to download missing MW4 maps
MW4 Hi-Def Patch for MP3.1 Hi Definition patch for MW4 MP3.1 (for those that do not already have Hi-Def)
MW4 Monitor v1.7.7 Files needed to run a "EvilBot" dedicated MW4 server
MemMatech Temp Registry Fix Temporary fix for the game to find the MekMatch server listings.
MekPack v.0030c Hotfix
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Final patch when upgrading from v.0030(x) to v.0030c